Frequent Asked Questions

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How do I renew a link?
You can manage your links from your account. Via My Links you can indicate yourself which links you want to renew and for what period. You can extend a link for 1, 2, or 3 years. We place an extension in your shopping cart so that you can pay for all extensions and any new links together via 1 invoice.
What does a link cost?
The cost of a link depends on the quality of the page on which the link is placed. The quality is determined by the quality score of the page, the number of links to the page and the content of the page. In the link overview in the dashboard you will find the prices of each link per year.
How long does it take for a link to go live?
It takes about 10 minutes for a link to be placed on the page you specified. In some cases it takes a little longer.
Are the prices in the dashboard exclusive of VAT?
Yes, all prices in the dashboard are exclusive of VAT. The VAT is calculated the moment you have added a link to your shopping cart.
Where can I find my invoice?
You will find an overview of your orders in your account. You can download the invoice for each order here.

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